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   Open Water Diver               Certification Information 
                               (This is your first, entry level SCUBA certification)

Hello, and THANK YOU for checking with El Paso Dive School for your SCUBA certification!

This is how your Open Water Diver Certification will work:
 I assign you the online academics which are about 8 to 10 hours of independent work.  We will then meet on a Saturday morning for "hands on" training with the equipment that brings the eLearning together.  We will watch a couple of safety videos, fit you for the scuba gear you will use for class, and choose the personal gear you will purchase if needed.  The next morning (Sunday), we meet and practice in the swimming pool for 3 to 4 hours using the gear we've learned about underwater!  The next weekend is the certification dive weekend, which will be at either Balmorhea TX State Park, 2 1/2 hours away from El Paso or Santa Rosa, NM (Blue Hole/Perch Lake), 4 1/2 hours away from El Paso.  Whichever location used, It is required that you spend Saturday night close to our dive location, as we start and finish early on Sunday.  All details for whichever dive site we use will be given well in advance of the dive certification weekend.  At the end of the dive weekend, if all skills are accomplished, you will be a certified Open Water Diver for the rest of your life.  This certification recognized anywhere in the world! 

I know, I know...  cost!?  Prices are located on the main page of the website, but I'll just tell you now: eLearning, all instructor time, swimming pool use, all scuba diving gear (buoyancy compensator, regulator set, tanks of air, weights and wetsuit), and final lifetime certification comes to a total cost of $480.  Groups of three or more students will come at a discount.  Military, First Responders, Medical Professionals, Teachers... and others, we offer discounts!   The only other fee paid to El Paso Dive School would be for your "personal gear".  This is your mask, snorkel, fins, and shoes (to be worn inside fins).  These items touch your body and should be personal to you.  As a certified scuba diver (which you will soon be), renting or borrowing these items should be avoided.  We sell these four items to Open Water students at our cost, $190.  These are brand new, yours to keep, with a two year warranty at our dive shop.  The travel to and from the dive site (Open Water weekend) hotel, food, etc., of course will be at your expense.

Classes are given monthly, and usually fill one and even two months ahead of time.  Please contact and schedule ASAP if you are planning to certify with El Paso Dive School!  Check our MONTHLY CALENDAR to see weekends we are doing classroom/pool and dive certification.

I hope to hear from you!!  Questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, SCHEDULING, please contact me!

                                                                                                               Daniel Gonzales

                                                                                             Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

                                                                                            NAUI-61487  PADI-321590  IDEA-CD-4061



                                                                                                   915-216-3011     915-203-3640

                                                                            6231-C Dyer, El Paso, TX, 79904  (Hours by appointment)

El Paso Dive Group was formed in 2013 to keep our scuba diving community strong and enthused. Now, with the additions of our “School” and retail location (2016), the goal is to have a very enjoyable learning experience and offer needed equipment for our scuba lifestyle at an affordable, realistic price. Our mission is                                                                                     keeping our divers enthused, happy, and DIVING!!

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