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 ***!!! New Location !!!***
4620-B Dyer    EP, TX 79930

Your first breathes underwater will be right in our new shop!

New shop hours:  Mon-Fri 4:30pm to 7:30pm 
Sat & Sun 10am to 4pm
It is HIGHLY recommended to schedule with us for the above hours. We are in and out often.  Some Sat & Sun are dive location weekends, so shop is closed.  Thanks!

West Texas and Southern New Mexico's ONLY:

 PADI, IDEA, and RAID instruction also available at El Paso Dive School 

Mission Statement:

El Paso Dive Group was formed to keep our scuba diving community strong and enthused. Now, with the additions of our “School” and retail location, the goal is to have a very enjoyable learning experience and offer needed equipment for our scuba lifestyle at an affordable, realistic price. Our mission is keeping our divers enthused, happy, and DIVING!!

Check out our NEW YouTube channel!! 
Current video is from our March and April 2019 classes:

Let's Go Dive!

Who says you can't scuba dive in the desert?  There are plenty of places in West Texas and Southern New Mexico where you can start your dive adventures today! This site is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals of becoming a better and more experienced diver. Need a buddy? Wanna fun dive? Let's take a trip! This is where we will post diving opportunities!

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Scuba Certification

Scuba diving is an incredible experience for explorers of all ages. The weightlessness of being underwater is compared to being in outer space. We are an elite group of underwater explorers who don't just fantasize about swimming along the coral reefs, but actually go and live it. Scuba diving for many of us has become a lifestyle that takes us on adventures around the world. We travel together, dine on local cuisine, explore the world's untouched corners because as scuba divers, that is the lifestyle. 

In order to join this elite group of explorers, one must first become certified to scuba dive. We use special equipment that helps us explore the underwater world that requires specific training so you can do so safely. El Paso Dive School can help you navigate the process. Let's get you started.
El Paso Dive School strives to create lifelong scuba divers who will continue to work toward their passion of scuba diving. From our years of experience, we have learned that divers who strive for the rating of Master Divers, end up being more comfortable and confident in their dive career. We want cultivate and nurture your diving dreams and aspirations and help you achieve your goals.
Join our Fun Dives
Check our site on El Paso Dive Group to check out the latest dive adventures and join us! We periodically update the calendar of events to provide diving opportunities for our fellow divers. El Paso Dive Group is commited to giving us a place to discover local diving, meet other divers, find dive buddies, and make memories!

Dive into adventure! Join the "Group"

**NEW** Transportation available for our dives/classes!!!

Up-Coming Events
Check our CALENDAR for specific dates and locations.

Dive Opportunities!!!
EPDG Local Dive Sites: Click here for PDF

Certified?  Get a specialty! El Paso Dive School
Balmorhea, TX - State Park  *NEW*- Must get day use passes online!

Santa Rosa, NM - Two weekends per month this  summer.  Check with me!! We will have additional diving this summer!! There are several dive sites available in Santa Rosa, NM. Blue Hole, Perch Lake, and Rock Lake. 

El Paso Dive Group/School is in "limbo" right now.  We are moving to a new, streamlined, updated location planning to open Mid-February!!  Keep an eye open for upcoming information.

Learn FULL FACE MASK diving with the best equipment in the industry!  Interested? Click HERE

School is IN!!!

Ready to dive into adventure and join the "Group"?
?  You've got to get certified at "The School" first!

As a certified SCUBA Instructor Daniel can teach NAUI, PADI, IDEA and RAID. Ready for your Open Water Certification??? I will provide you  the best, most flexible instruction available!! El Paso DIve School

For the current pricing click here!

Certified?  Get a specialty! El Paso DIve School

To get more information on classes and specialties, click here

??Schedule with us for Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and/or  Specialties. El Paso DIve School

Professional scuba diving services also available:
  • Items lost / recovery needs
  • Golf course lake/water hazard needs
  • Swimming pool maintenance and repair
  • Contact us for more info
We'll handle your "dirty dive" jobs!

  Swimming for SCUBA
    Swim instruction specific to scuba diving

Swim Lessons also available for all ages.

Hours are still varying, but we are ALWAYS open by appointment!
Just call us! 915-216-3011

Come check out our new (old building) store!!

Hours are still varying, but we are ALWAYS open by appointment! Just call us!


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